Białystok Ghetto Archive

In the JHI’s Archive we can see the original documents of the Jewish Council in Bialystok and 25 priceless manuscripts of the accounts of the refugees from various provincial towns of Bialystok written in 1943.

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Unfortunately, post-war discoverers of the archive divided its documents into several parts, giving them to various Jewish organizations or individuals. We know today that some of the originals are in the Jewish Historical Institute, other part — in the archives of Yad Vashem and the Ghetto Heroes Kibbutz in Israel. Certainly, some of these documents, including a collection of war photographs, have been lost forever.

In the JHI’s Archive we can see the original documents of the Jewish Council in Bialystok and 25 priceless manuscripts of the accounts of the refugees from various provincial towns of Bialystok written in 1943. Dozens of copies made directly after the war of other documents can be found in our archive too.

We encourage researchers to use this extremely interesting but underrated collection.

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