Emanuel Ringelblum

In the ghetto, there are many uniforms of the dead [German] soldiers.

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In the ghetto, there are many uniforms of the dead [German] soldiers. In „shopy” they are washed and disinfected. In the pockets of the uniforms there are often letters from home as well as from the front. The latter are, understandably, very interesting, because they reflect the moods, which, as they say, are very pessimistic. Interestingly, the clothing full of lice. As if the ghetto didn’t have its own lice, it has to get them from outside! It is characteristic that in the pockets of the dead soldiers there are often things from robberies, and precisely from Warsaw, for example, various leather items from companies in Warsaw. Even tallitot taken from the Jews are returned to the Jews. There are more than 300 thousand of such uniforms.

Emanuel Ringelblum, 15th June 1942, Warsaw.

Ringelblum, “Notes from the Warsaw Ghetto”, Warsaw, 1988; diary from JHI’s collections, Ringelblum Archives; Translated from Yiddish by A. Rutkowski.

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