Adam Czerniaków

Cloudy. Today’s Sunday. I don’t know if the orchestra will be able to play in the garden.

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Cloudy. Today’s Sunday. I don’t know if the orchestra will be able to play in the garden. It turned out that it had played despite the drizzle. I ordered to bring the children from the House of Detention, organized by the district law enforcement officers, to the garden. These are the living skeletons, recruited from street beggars. Some of them came to visit me in the Municipality. They talked to me like adults, eight-year-old citizens. It’s a shame to say that it had been a long time since I cried so much. I gave each of them a chocolate bar. In addition, all received some soup. Curse those of us who eat and drink, but forget about these children.


Adam Czerniakow, the chairman of Judenrat in the Warsaw Ghetto

14th June 1942, Warsaw

“Adam Czerniakow’s diary of the Warsaw Ghetto”, Warsaw 1982

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