Mr Neumark has told me...

Mr Neumark has told me that in the early hours, came to Twarda Street a German passenger car and parked in front of the ruined house No. 10.

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Mr Neumark has told me that in the early hours, came to Twarda Street a German passenger car and parked in front of the ruined house No. 10. The Germans opened the trunk and took out of it a Jew, who they had brought along. Then, they called a Jewish policeman and ordered him to immediately get to the place a funeral carriage, threatening him apparently that if the order is not be completed within ten minutes, they would shoot all the Jews on that street. After issuing the command, they ordered the brought along Jew to enter the ruins and go forward. After that, they shot him a few times. He fell on the floor dead. Apparently, the Jew had been brought from the prison in Daniłowiczowska, and some speculate that the cause of the shooting was supposed to be an eagle, which he was supposed to have had tattooed on his chest.


The name of the author unknown.

13th June 1942


Anonymous, “The diary” in : “The Ringelblum Archives” vol. 5, ed. K. Person, Warsaw, 2011, pp. 81–84; diary from JHI’s collections


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