Emanuel Ringelblum

In Przebieg Street they have built a wooden bridge, because of the Christian boarding school located at the end of the street.

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In Przebieg Street they have built a wooden bridge, because of the Christian boarding school located at the end of the street. It overlooks the Vistula River and Żoliborz. A lot of Jews stand there all day and look at that free world. [...]

In cinemas [on the „Aryan” side] anti-Jewish propaganda continues to grow under the slogan: „The Jews, lice, typhus”. They are screening documentaries about the ghetto in which it is emphasized that the Jews have lice. They are showing documentaries from the labour camp, which demonstrates that the Jews are lazy. Their efficiency is 10% of the Poles’, but after six weeks, their productivity increases to 60%.

Emanuel Ringelblum, 8th of June 1941, Warsaw


E. Ringelblum, “Notes from the Warsaw Ghetto”, Warsaw, 1988; diary from JHI’s collections, Ringelblum Archives; Translated from Yiddish by A. Rutkowski.

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