Chaim Kapłan

Jews are outlawed. In disputes between a Jew and an Aryan the court makes judgement on the basis of their whims, on the basis of the, so-called, racial instinct.

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Jews are outlawed. In disputes between a Jew and an Aryan the court makes judgement on the basis of their whims, on the basis of the, so-called, racial instinct. Nobody knows what this instinct is, but we already know its bitter taste. Each mercenary [German] can be the judge of the Jews and also the executor of his sentence.

Some Jew issued a promissory note promising to pay the amount of 500 zl to an Aryan, Jodomański. Unluckily for the issuer, a volksdeutsch came by the promissory note and, as we know, they have special rights. [...] He came to an agreement with the German soldier and both of them came to the Jew’s house and roughly demanded that he payed them 500 zl. And when he tried to refer to the law, they burst out laughing cynically. In the room, was also present the Jew’s wife, who was holding their three-year-old baby. The miscreants snatched her crying kid, put against a wall and threatened that if within five minutes the promissory note was not paid off, they would shoot the child. The mother let out a mournful wail. All residents of the building froze with fear, everywhere there was a deep silence. The unhappy father started going from flat to flat to collect the necessary sum of money. [...] Within 10 minutes he managed to collect the required amount.

Chaim Kapłan, 7th June 1940, Warsaw

Ch. Kapłan, “The Chronicle of Life”, part 2, JHI’s Bulletin no. 2, 1964; diary from JHI’s collections; translated from Hebrew by A. Rutkowski and A. Wein.


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