Rachela Auerbach

Some woman came out of a grocery shop with a bag with small amount of some food.

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A scene at the end of Mylna Street. Such scenes can be observed every day in dozens. Some woman came out of a grocery shop with a bag with small amount of some food. “Catcher”, not even of those very young ones, had been waiting in the front of the door and grabbed the package with his both hands, reached inside and with lightning speed started filling up his mouth. [...] To the rescue came the whole group of reliable witnesses. Those who had arms and legs started hitting the catcher’s hard on his nape, back and head. He wasn’t defending himself at all, but he turned with a hunched back and let them hit him, and he himself did only one thing. Very quickly, he kept eating the content of the bag.


Rachela Auerbach, 6th June 1941, Warsaw


R. Auerbach, “The Diary” in: “Ringelblum Archive”, volume 6, ed. A. Bańkowska, Warsaw, 2012; diary from JHI’s collections

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