Icchak Aron’s Diary

In a terrible slaughter, the whole town, just as sheep, was killed. Only a few survived. I ran away with others (mainly young people) from the square.

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In a terrible slaughter, the whole town, just as sheep, was killed. Only a few survived. I ran away with others (mainly young people) from the square. They were shooting at us. Many died running, only a few managed to survive. Until night I lay in the house of butcher Icchak and at night I left the town. I went to a chap I knew and I lay near his house, in the bushes. I wasn’t thinking about anything. I only remember that I lost my parents, three sisters (one with five-month-old “suckling”), my brother in law, Mosza, my uncle Mendel, my niece Elcik from Druskiennik, my best friends: Ajzyk’s and Lia’s family. I lost everyone and was all alone. At night, I started saying Kaddish, the prayer for the dead.

Icchak Aron, Miory, 2nd June 1942, Vilnius County.


“The life and the Holocaust of Polish Jews”, ed. M. Grynberg, Warsaw, 2003; diary from JHI’s collection.


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