Dawid Rubinowicz’s Journal

Dad came back [from the labour camp] with injured arm, because he had been released...

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Dad came back [from the labour camp] with injured arm, because he had been released... At first, I was scared, because I thought the injury was serious. It is very hard for me to describe all those stories told by dad. I’ll start from the beginning; the worst was the first week until he got used to: the work is not that awful, but the discipline is awful. When somebody isn’t singing or marching properly, they get whipping. The waking up is at 4am and they finish working at 5pm. For 13 hours you can’t sit down for a minute. The one who sits down, gets it badly. The stories went on forever, we sat till 2am; it’s impossible to describe it. [...]

This morning, two Jewish women were walking through the village. They were a mother and a daughter. The misfortune was that the Germans from Rudki were going to get some potatoes, here in Bodzentyn and they came across those Jewish women. When they saw the Germans, they started to flee, but they caught up with them and caught them. They wanted to shoot them immediately here in the village, but the schultheiß did not allow, so they went to the forest and shot them there. Jewish police came immediately to take them and bury them on the cemetery. When the car came back, it was extremely covered in blood.

Dawid Rubinowicz, age 14, 1st June 1942, Bodzentyn.


“The Diary of Dawid Rubinowicz”, Warsaw, 2005.


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