Chaim Kapłan’s Diary

Each group of vendors is simultaneously involved in politics, and who indeed would be better in politics than them?

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Each group of vendors is simultaneously involved in politics, and who indeed would be better in politics than them? In their minds, a lot of various ideas and hypothesis are born, about which it will be soon loud in the entire Warsaw. First of all, they do not believe in the successes of the (Nazi) murderers on the battlefields in France. [...] The real experts on the issue are rather depressed, but a huge amount of people are comforting themselves. The Germans have entered Antwerpia? We shall not believe them! They have taken over the Rotterdam? It is baloney! [...]

And just as in malaria we have sudden shivering: the fear rapidly changes into hope and vice versa.

However, everyone agrees on one thing: in case of the victory of the perpetrators, there will be no place for us in Europe in Nazi captivity.

Chaim Kapłan, 30th May 1940, Warsaw.

Ch. Kapłan, “The chronicle of life”, part 2, Biuletyn ŻIH, no 2 1964; diary from JHI collection; Translated from Hebrew by A. Rutkowski and A. Wein.

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