Stroop’s Report in the new version

The first part of the report is the evidence of German slyness, a cunning attempt to show their belief in their strength and heroism.

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Andrzej Żbikowski

Jürgen Stroop’s Report refers to the perpetrators of the Holocaust and is a priceless historical document. It shows the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising from the perspective of the Nazi responsible for its suppression. Andrzej Żbikowski talks about the editing of the report and the value of its content.

“The Polish translation from the 1960s done by prof. Piotrowski needed editing. After so many years the rules of editing have changed. Besides, today we know more about the Warsaw Ghetto. For all those reasons, Jürgen Stroop’s report had to be published again. For the first time, it was possible to publish the reprint of the original and 52 photographs accompanying the report,” says the professor.

The first part of the report is the evidence of German slyness, a cunning attempt to show their belief in their strength and heroism. Stroop wanted to show off his accomplishments. Daily reports were sent to Himmler, the chief of SS police in the Third Reich.

Jürgen (Josef) Stroop (born 26th September 1985 in Deltmold — died 6th March 1952 in Warsaw) — SS-Gruppenfiihrer, German Nazi, Nazi criminal, responsible, among others for the bloody suppression of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, the author of so-called “Stroop’s Report”.

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