Abraham Lewin Diary

In Długa Street the seatings of the Special Court are taking place.

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In Długa Street the seatings of the Special Court are taking place. Last Friday (yesterday) this court, as higher court, was considering the appellation of a Jew from Łowicz, who had been sentenced to one year in prison for...slaughtering a goose in a ritual way... with a kitchen knife. A German Wachmeister saw that. The court in Długa added half a year to the Jew’s sentence. And so, for the crime of slitting a goose’s throat with a kitchen knife the Jew will spend one year and a half in strict prison. And maybe the Jew will be liberated by the impending end of modern hamans?

Abraham Lewin, 23rd May 1942, Warsaw

A. Lewin, “A Diary of the Warsaw Ghetto”, Biuletyn ŻIH no 19–20 1956; diary from JHI collection; Translated from Yiddish by A. Rutkowski

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