Dawid Sierakowiak Diary

I had a horrible day. Before leaving for school, while trying to cut a piece of bread I literally cut off a piece of my finger.

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I had a horrible day. Before leaving for school, while trying to cut a piece of bread I literally cut off a piece of my finger. [...] While on the ER, I witnessed them bring in a Jew shot on his side. Two Germans had walked today around the streets of the ghetto, banging and shooting and as a result they had shot one Jew dead and injured the other. It is also a necessary part of their happiness. However, I lost a lot of blood and missed two soups at school (for two weeks I’ve been getting a double portion of soup “thanks to” my terrible look. I feel horrible anyway).

Dawid Sierakowiak, 22nd May 1941, Łódź.

“The Diary of Dawid Sierakowiak”, Warsaw 1960, diary from the JHI collection.

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