Abraham Lewin’s Diary

I live by the wall that separates the ghetto from Przejazd.

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I live by the wall that separates the ghetto from Przejazd. A hole was dug in the wall and man can easily go through it and a bag with one hundred kilos of potatoes, rye or other products can be dragged through it. From half past five at dawn to 9 in the evening takes place almost never-ending smuggling. What emotions feel all those smuggles, the Jews and Christians (they go through the whole to the ghetto to deal with money business), who make noise by the wall all day, and the carriers? How often do the Germans come suddenly, youth brigades and German agents dressed casually as well as the “navy blue police” that, for some reasons, cannot be bribed? How many commodities have already been taken and how many of the Jews and the Poles have already died? Just a few weeks ago, they shot a thirty-three-year-old Jew, Lewiński and a young Christian. Just an hour ago they shot three times through the opening to the ghetto, but fortunately did not hit anyone. And immediately, five minutes later it was busy and noisy again with the group of smuggles.

Abraham Lewin, 18th May 1942, Warsaw.

A. Lewin, “A Diary of the Warsaw Ghetto”, Biuletyn ŻIH no 19–20 1956; diary from JHI collection; Translated from Yiddish by A. Rutkowski

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