Adam Czerniakow Diary

In Gmina, Rumkowski was reporting on his activities in Lodz.

Wide 17 maj 1

In Gmina, Rumkowski was reporting on his activities in Lodz. The unit does not exist for him. Sonderkommando deals with the requisition. It collects diamonds and fur. There are no poor people in the streets. It was brought to his attention that 150,000 of the residents of Lodz had fled to Warsaw[...] that 1000 people die a month on his watch, the number of births is declining. [...] He is a braggart. Cocky and stupid. Harmful, because he makes the authorities believe that it is good at his place.

Adam Czerniakow, the chairman of Judenrat in the Warsaw Ghetto 17th May 1941, Warsaw.

“Adam Czerniakow’s diary of the Warsaw Ghetto”, Warsaw 1982.

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