Do not drink water!

“In my work, I used two bags from a store, because they themselves have no value".

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Maciej Klauzner

“In my work, I used two bags from a store, because they themselves have no value. Valuable is only their content. It is similar to shacks, which are meaningless themselves. However, what is meaningful is what happened inside, what is left in the soul of the shack,” says Maciej Klauzner, whose work entitled “Wassertrinken Verboten” is being presented at our exhibition.


Maciej Klauzner (born 1950) — a painter. He studied under Jacek Żuławski at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk and in the studio of Rajmund Ziemski at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Since 1981 he has lived and worked in Göteborg. His works have been exhibited in galleries in Göteborg, Sopot, New York, Gdańsk and Tel Aviv.

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