Abraham Lewin

Yesterday, on the street, especially among the residents of Dzielna 38, the Germans, with the help of Jewish police, rounded up some young Jewish girls, young and old women and men with beards or without beards.

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Yesterday, on the street, especially among the residents of Dzielna 38, the Germans, with the help of Jewish police, rounded up some young Jewish girls, young and old women and men with beards or without beards. In front of the house at Dzielna 38, came two big cars with the Germans, aviators, Waffen-SS and soldiers of other formations. Also, a car with officers came. At the beginning, they photographed the young women; it is important to highlight that only young girls and women especially well — and expensively-dressed had been rounded up. Next, they made all of them go, both women and men, to the baths located on the yard of the aforementioned house. In the baths they took photographs of the women again. Then, they forced all of the present Jews, men and women, to undress completely, similar to Adam and Eve. The German officers coupled the Jewish representatives of each sex. They coupled young women with old male Jews and the other way round, a lad with old women. After that, they forced them to have intercourse. This very scene, which is the intercourse, (we have to assume it was pretended) was filmed with special cameras brought for this purpose. It was edited too.

Abraham Lewin, 13th May 1942, Warsaw

A. Lewin, “Warsaw Ghetto Diary”, Biuletyn ŻIH (JHI) no. 19–20, 1956; a diary from JHI’s collection; Translated from Yiddish by A. Rutkowski.

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