Rabbi Szymon Huberband

From a tram passing by in Chłodna street a military policeman shot a Jewish woman.

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From a tram passing by in Chłodna street a military policeman shot a Jewish woman. She fell down in a puddle of blood. The policeman jumped out of the tram and shot one more bullet, finishing her off.

In Leszno, next to the guard ran a boy with smuggled commodities. The military policeman called him and forced him to sit down by the wall. He took off the machine gun from his back and aimed it. The passers by were convinced that he only wants to scare the boy. A shot could be heard, the child was killed.

Rabbi Szymon Huberband, 11th May 1942, Warsaw

“Ringelblum Archives. A day after the day of the Holocaust ”, ed. M. Markowska, Warsaw 2011; a diary from JHI’s collection; Translated from Yiddish by Sara Arm.

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