Abraham Lewin

Recently, the incidents of rounding up Jews on the streets to take them to Pawiak have increased in numbers.

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Recently, the incidents of rounding up Jews on the streets to take them to Pawiak have increased in numbers. They do terrible things to them there. [...] Two Jews were dragged to Pawiak. One of them was given a plank and forced to hit the other with it. After these long and inhumane tortures, one of the Jews was released about 9pm. He still managed to run home. The other one was released only at 11pm. This poor wretch was shot dead by a German patrol.

Abraham Lewin, 10th May 1942, Warsaw

A. Lewin, “Warsaw Ghetto Diary”, Biuletyn ŻIH (JHI) no. 19–20, 1956; a diary from JHI’s collection; Translated from Yiddish by A. Rutkowski.

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