Mary Berg

On the „Aryan” side the population celebrated May 1 and May 3 by a complete boycott of the Nazis.

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M. Berg, “Warsaw Ghetto Diary”, Warsaw 1983.

On the „Aryan” side the population celebrated May 1 and May 3 by a complete boycott of the Nazis. Throughout those days the people tried to avoid taking trolley cars or buying newspapers, for the money goes straight to the Germans. In the ghetto, too, the mood was somehow different. Although many Poles, poisoned by anti-Semitism, deny that their brothers of the Jewish faith are their co-citizens, the Jews, despite the inhuman treatment to which they are subjected, show their patriotism 
in every possible way.
One of the frequent visitors is Mr. Przygoda, assistant to Administrator Chaskelberg. „As soon as something begins to stir,” he always says, „I’ll jump across the walls. And such rage has piled up in me that I’ll soon be killing Germans by the dozen”. I know that he belongs to the one of the underground parties.

Mary Berg, 4th May 1942, Warsaw

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