The entire ghetto is the sea of flames

The entire ghetto is the sea of flames. The wind is very strong and it spreads the sparks from the burning houses to those not on fire and it immediately destroys everything.

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The entire ghetto is the sea of flames. The wind is very strong and it spreads the sparks from the burning houses to those not on fire and it immediately destroys everything. A shocking view. The fire spreads so quickly that people don’t manage to run away from houses and they die a horrible death there. The fire causes huge traffic on the streets. People with bundles run from one house to another, from one street to another, there is no rescue, nobody knows where to shelter. [...]The ghetto walls are completely surrounded, nobody can leave or enter. Clothes are burning on people’s bodies. They are screaming with pain and crying. [...]

Everybody is crying for help. A lot, almost all are calling on God:” Oh God, show us Your strength, have mercy on us”. The God, as a sphinx is silent and does not answer. And you, nations, why are you silent, can’t you see how they want to destroy us? Why are you silent? 

Anonymous, 2nd May 1943, Warsaw


Journals from the Adolf Berman’s collection gathered in Ghetto Fighters’ Museum in Israel

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