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Within the events commemorating the RESISTANCE AND THE HOLOCAUST, on the 70th anniversary of Jewish uprisings, we invite cultural and academic institutions to cooperation.

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Within the events commemorating the RESISTANCE AND THE HOLOCAUST, on the 70th anniversary of Jewish uprisings, we invite cultural and academic institutions to cooperation.

In 2013 cultural, academic, and educational activities of the Jewish Historical Institute are mostly related to the 70th anniversary of the uprisings in ghettos and extermination camps. By reminding those events, we wish to commemorate the victims of the Holocaust in a special way.

Who are we inviting?

We are planning to expand the educational offer of the Jewish Historical Institute to the whole country in order to facilitate the access to the knowledge about the history and culture of Polish Jews. Therefore, we invite to cooperation cultural and academic institutions: schools, cultural centers, libraries and others. 

What do we offer?

Apart from the lectures and presentations of the publishings being testimonies of the time of the Holocaust, we offer exhibition hire and screening of a film on the history of the Warsaw Ghetto, which are accompanied by a commentary by experts on the subject — research fellows of the JHI.

I invite all institutions wishing to benefit from our educational experience as well as the materials that we can share free of charge to contact the Jewish Historical Institute’s department of education.

I am deeply convinced that this cooperation will result in interesting for both sides meetings and will serve to raise the awareness and perpetuate the memory of not only the tragic events of 1943 but also, more broadly, of the history and cultural heritage of the Jewish community in Poland.

Contact details:

Urszula Fuks

telephon no. (22) 827 92 21 ext. 109,

e-mail: ufuks@jhi.pl

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