It was a very tragic night...

It was a very tragic night. At 4pm, the enemy threw a grenade into our basement.

Wide 29 04

11th day, Thursday

It was a very tragic night. At 4pm, the enemy threw a grenade into our basement. [...] In the front wall a hole of the size of a finger was made. People say that they will come back to plant the infernal machine. Our neighbour, Sowa, experienced the same night. At his place, the grenade destroyed the roof; Thank God, everything ended happily. The day was normal.

[...] We are beginning to think about escaping to the Aryan side. Those who have opportunity, begin preparations. They are real thoughts, but not affordable for everyone [?] as in our basement, it is not possible to stay for a longer period of time. Above all, there is unpleasant air, lice and it is cramped. What do we have left — leave and risk life or die here?

Anonymous, 29th April, 1943, Warsaw

Diary from Adolf Berman’s collections assembled at the Ghetto Fighter’s House in Israel.

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