It is the 10th day in the bunker today...

It is the 10th day in the bunker today. 10 days of fighting with our bloodiest enemy, who is planning to annihilate us.

Wide 28 04

It is the 10th day in the bunker today. 10 days of fighting with our bloodiest enemy, who is planning to annihilate us. They began with grenades and tanks, and are ending it with setting houses on fire. [...] Meanwhile, the bombardment and shooting calmed down and we are not exposed to danger that much anymore. People are washing themselves, giving away coffee, food is being cooked — everything is being done calmly. Everyone, including sentries, are working bravely, everything is done in accordance with the orders of the leader of the bunker.

Anonymous, 28th April, 1943, Warsaw

Diary from Adolf Berman’s collections assembled at the Ghetto Fighter’s House in Israel.

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