Protection through conservation

“Polish art and the Holocaust” — is an exhibition presenting works made with different media.

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The conservation of an object

“Polish art and the Holocaust” — is an exhibition presenting works made with different media. The material on which most of the chosen objects from the JHI collection were created is paper. Among them we can find works by Jonasz Sztern, Izaak Celnikier, Henryk Beck. Especially interesting are works by the latter, made, inter alia, with black inc on tissue paper, on the back of Kennkarte and other German prints. The works were created in extreme conditions — in a bunker during the Warsaw Uprising. Its conservation required individual approach, because of the degree of damage and the type of paper used. Similar situation was with drawings by Izaak Celnikier. The works had been made with pen on the inferior quality paper. The objects had undergone restoration work aimed at improving the condition of the paper, which resulted in an enhancement of visual quality of the works. After the conservation each drawing was framed in a specially prepared, conservation passe-partuot. This element is the final stage of the work on the object. 

A crucial aspect in terms of display of the works made on paper is the minimal lighting of the objects due to the very rapid degradation of the paper. It is assumed that the museum exhibits should not be displayed longer than three months.Currently, on the exhibition there are original works. In case of extension of the duration of the exhibition the objects will be replaced with their reprints.

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