Our house is still burning. A house from Zamenhofa Street where people have been hiding is also on fire.

Wide 26 04

26th April, 1943

8th day, Monday

Our house is still burning. A house from Zamenhofa Street where people have been hiding is also on fire. People are running away from there and coming to our place; a horrible (catastrophic) situation is approaching us. Due to the amount of people, it is very cramped in the shelter, and even more people want to get in. They are storming „Judas” and asking to let them in. People are shouting and arguing [...].

The air in the basement is horrible, people are almost suffocating, many are already losing consciousness. The situation is very difficult; sleeping is out of question as there is a possibility of suffocation.

Anonymous, Warsaw

Diary from Adolf Berman’s collections assembled at the Ghetto Fighter’s House in Israel.

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