Emanuel Ringelblum’s Diary

Some merchant said, „Legally, we can only jump into Vistula.”

Wide 25 04

Some merchant said, „Legally, we can only jump into Vistula.” It is impossible to obey all ordinances, because if we did, we would not be allowed to do anything. A day before holiday, the Jews queueing up for benefits were dragged to work. [...] The streets of Warsaw, especially Leszno, revived. The youth is on the streets. They are running wild because of lack of schools, they have bad-manners. [...]

In Polish bookstores, only English and French sections are closed; Jewish bookstores are closed completely. After long-lasting interventions, it was possible to reopen them. In the paper „Völkischer Beobachter” they published an article about the film „Żyd Süss”. They went to Lublin and filmed it. The Jews sang „Mir weln Zaj iberłebn” [We will outlive them]. And so they recorded this song on film stock.

Emanuel Ringelblum, 25th April, 1940, Warsaw

E. Ringelblum „Notes from the Warsaw Ghetto”, Warsaw 1988; diary from the JHI’s collections, the Ringelblum Archive; translated from Yiddish by A. Rutkowski

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