Renia Knoll’s Diary

Everything is conspiring against the Jews, even weather.

Wide 23 04

Everything is conspiring against the Jews, even weather. It is already the end of April, and it is so cold that I have to wear a warm sweater and winter coat. I am going to have English, French and German classes every day. But I would give them all away so that I could learn playing the piano, but even if I could, I would not have anywhere to practice. It is so sad in here! Anywhere you look, you can see black, bleak walls raising to the sky with tombstones on top. I wish the sun would shine! but maybe it is good that the weather is bad, because the Germans have issued a decree saying that if a plague breaks out in the Ghetto, the whole ghetto will be reduced to ashes.

Now, I go to Limanowski Avenue, where I have already swept a few boys off their feet.


Renia Knoll, 14 years old, 23rd April, 1941, Kraków

R. Knoll, „The Diary”, Warsaw 2012; diary from the JHI’s collections

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