Jakub Poznanski

People speak […] that last week the Chairman sent 0,5 kg of meat to 50 (of a total of about 160) doctors.

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People speak […] that last week the Chairman sent 0,5 kg of meat to 50 (of a total of about 160) doctors, and one of the doctors, our good friend Dr Weiskopf, refused to accept the gift. It must be remarked that supposedly he does not accept any sent to him individually ratios for medical doctors. When Dr Feldman found out that not all doctors have received a gift, then he took his 0,5 kg back to the Meat Head Office […]
Money lost in our ghetto any value. No craftsman want to work for money. I went to a shoemaker yesterday asking him to nail a pair of rubber soles and two pairs of heels and sewed one patch. He would do the work on the condition of payment with the means of food: 2 kg of beets or 3 kg of swedes.

Jakub Poznański, April 18 1943, Łódź

J. Poznański, „Dziennik z łódzkiego getta” [„Diary from the Lodz ghetto”], Warsaw 2002

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