Tomasz Lec — the designer of the exhibition „Polish art and the Holocaust”

We invite you to listen to his talk on the works that can be seen at the exhibition.

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Tomasz Lec is the author of the exhibition „Polish art and the Holocaust”. We invite you to listen to his talk on the works that can be seen at the exhibition. He also speaks about the dialogue between the works by the older and younger generation of artists.

Tomasz Lec, a designer and architect, a Warsaw University of Technology graduate, in the 1980s, worked and studied in Vienna. He co-organized exhibitions of Ringelblum’s archives in Frankfurt, Berlin, New York, Brussels and Madrid; a co-author of 22 commemorative plaques in Warsaw showing the borders of the Warsaw Ghetto in 1940–1943. He is the author of a memorial-installation commemorating, so called, Footbridge over Chłodna Street (Kładka nad ulicą Chłodną) which in 1942 linked Small and Large Ghettos. Lec also restores antiques, designs book covers as well as posters and ephemera.

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