Emmanuel Ringelblum

A day before Passover traumatic events took place in the office of the organization for refugees.

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A day before Passover traumatic events took place in the office of the organization for refugees. 7,000 – 8,000 refugees gathered, who were waiting for matzah and packages [with food]. […] People considered in their environment for rich came to pick up packages, they recently had been helping others. It is impossible to describe the despair of those who have not got any food. […]

The Jewish community did not deliver the right number of people (to labor camp). That is why the Jewish police together with the Polish one had to catch those, who have been considered fit, who have received appointments, but did not report. Of course, they did not sleep at their homes. Caught were even people over 50 years old.

Emanuel Ringelblum, April 17 1941, Warsaw

E. Ringelblum, „Chronicle of the Warsaw Ghetto” [„Kronika getta warszawskiego”], Warsaw 1988, journal from the collection of the JHI, The Ringelblum Archive, translated from Yiddish: A. Rutkowski

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