Rachela Auerbach’s Diary

It was a month ago when I walked Gęsia St. I passed a zone of „Wołówka” (today Gęsiówka”), which was moved here, a place of selling used items.

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It was a month ago when I walked Gęsia St. I passed a zone of „Wołówka” (today Gęsiówka”), which was moved here, a place of selling used items. […] Stripes of things and persons, what a pitiful view of hand-embroidered crafts and darned curtains, children’s treated panties, last towel exchanged at a bazar, people often unstich the lining from their coats and sell them for a quarter of bread, for medication in a sudden illness, and stomach is a monster, a bottomless pit. […] Sometimes persons dressed a la Ghandi can be seen on the streets, wearing only a cloth on the bare back. Apparently clothes from the living have a higher rate, because a very large percentage of stuff comes naturally from the dead. Special “teams” of hyenas fleece of clothing those who drop dead on the streets. In the morning, corpses lie completely naked.

Rachela Auerbach, April 16 1942, Warsaw

R. Auerbach, „Diary” in: „The Ringelblum Archive”, vol. 7, ed. A. Ciałowicz, Warsaw 2012; Translation from yiddish: Anna Ciałowicz. Diary from the JHI’s collections

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