Resistance and the Holocaust

A few weeks ago we began the commemoration of the 70th anniversary of Jewish uprisings, which we named "Resistance and the Holocaust”.

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Paweł Śpiewak

A few weeks ago we began the commemoration of the 70th anniversary of Jewish uprisings, which we named "Resistance and the Holocaust”. We want to talk about the memory of the Holocaust. We are in search for the appropriate language. The most important in education. We issue books, testimonies of the war. We appreciate the importance of academic conferences and for that reason we are organizing one with IPN and Polish Center for Holocaust Research. It is entitled ‘Being a witness to the Holocaust’ and is dedicated to Szmul Zygielbojm.

We use the language of Polish art to talk about the Holocaust. Through the works of painters, sculptors, architects, poets we show how Polish culture deals with and presents what seams to be indescribable: massive death, humiliation, fear. This exhibition brings us to the most important question: how to avoid trivializing, ritualizing and commercializing the memory, how not to politicize it, how to speak about the war to keep it faithful to the victims’ experience. There is probably no good answer to these questions. We have to take them into consideration all the time and remember about them.

Our preparations and hard work to properly commemorate the events of 1943, can be followed in special section on JHI’s website "Resistance and the Holocaust”.

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