Rachela Auerbach’s Diary

Transports of exiles from different towns near Warsaw are coming.

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Transports of exiles from different towns near Warsaw are coming. Still, goodbye letters from more and more places are coming. Or letters from those who managed to escape the holocaust, begging for help and now roaming somewhere around villages, fields, forests, being either helped or blackmailed by peasants, experiencing most unimaginable fates. [...] Excerpts from the letters, „Byskune gdojle anachnu”. „We go to sleep in clothes, it has become so hard and sad and...crowded since we paid in these 8 Reichsmarks.” (to cover „travelling expenses” or „disinfection expenses” is the name of this fee for execution, which in some towns is collected from the Jews destined for extermination.)

Rachela Auerbach, 15th April, 1942, Warsaw

R. Auerbach, „Diary” in: „The Ringelblum Archive”, vol. 7, ed. A. Ciałowicz, Warsaw 2012; Translation from yiddish: Anna Ciałowicz. Diary from the JHI’s collections

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