Emanuel Ringelblum’s Diary

Newspaper sellers call, „A fib of he [Hitler] himself for 20 gr!”.

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Newspaper sellers call, „A fib of he [Hitler] himself for 20 gr!”. [...]

These days, in Zamenhofa and Miła streets there is a shocking sight. A crowded group of Jews, young women and children, trading, haggling. Dirty, grimy, starving faces. Such a huge mass of people on the streets that it is impossible to walk through. They are trading mainly in bread, matches, cigarettes.

One woman told me that a soldier showed her a photo of a Jewish family, laughing out loud incredibly. He did not want say what had happened with the woman [in the photo] and what the relationship between him and the photo was. It was understandable that it was him who had killed the Jewish family.


Emanuel Ringelblum, 13th April, 1940, Warsaw

E. Ringelblum „Notes from the Warsaw Ghetto”, Warsaw 1988; diary from the JHI’s collections, the Ringelblum Archive; translated from Yiddish by A. Rutkowskidziennik ze zbiorów ŻIH, Archiwum Ringelbluma; z jidysz przełożył A. Rutkowski.

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