Last preparations for the exhibition

In three of the most representative parts of Jewish Historical Institute the visitors will see about 90 works by more than 40 artists.

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Teresa Śmiechowska

The exhibition in Jewish Historical Institute is still under construction. We have already finished gathering the exhibits and we are ready to hang them in the designed space. The exhibition by architect-artist Tomasz Lec entitled ‘Polish art and the Holocaust’ is not ordered chronologically. Its strong point is the dialog between the works. Therefore, it is crucial to place the objects properly. The walls prepared specially for this occasion will help organize the space. The tops of the walls are covered in vertical, metal elements in the colour of rust, which purpose is to highlight a plain style of interior.

„The Polish art and the Holocaust” is an exhibition made in dynamic manner.

While preparing it, we established a co-operation with many institutions and individual contemporary art collectors. In three of the most representative parts of Jewish Historical Institute the visitors will see about 90 works by more than 40 artists.

Presented artists are still in search of the proper language to express the subject of the Holocaust. Their works are often drastic but at the same time aesthetic in form. The objects presented at the exhibition will include works made in various technics: apart from the oil painting we will see graphics, sculptures, reliefs, photographs, assemblages, fabrics, films and video-installations. 

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