Chaim Kapłan’s Diary

Some time ago, the Jews of Warsaw were deeply moved by the news that 54 murdered at 9 Nalewki Street would be buried in the cemetery in Praga.

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Some time ago, the Jews of Warsaw were deeply moved by the news that 54 murdered at 9 Nalewki Street would be buried in the cemetery in Praga. The Jews had been murdered unlawfully. Their only fault was that they were Jewish. In this house, an officer of the Blue Police was killed; the murderer has not been caught. [...] Until today the nationality of the murderer is not known. However, somebody informed the occupational authorities that it had been a man called Zylbering. And it was enough to accuse all residents of this building, mostly merchants, traders and craftsmen of helping the killer.

Chaim Kapłan, 12th April, 1940, Warsaw

Ch. Kapłan, “The Chronicle of Life”, JHI’s Bulletin no. 1–2, 1963; part 2 no. 2, 1964; diary from JHI’s collections; Translated from Hebrew by A. Rutkowski and A. Wein

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