Poetic documentation of the Holocaust

A meeting with the authors of the selection and elaboration of two anthologies of poetry from times of the Holocaust: Bożena Keff and Agnieszka Żółkiewska

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The anthologies present a unique literary work from 1939 through 1945 and from the post-war era, archived in the Jewish Historical Institute. They are original poems in Polish, Yiddish and Hebrew, previously unknown to Polish readers. The vast majority of them was written in camps and ghettos as well as on the Aryan side. After the war they were gathered by the staff of particular committees of the Central Jewish Historical Commission, which functioned in 1944–1947. The process of collecting literary pieces was continued by the Jewish Historical Institute. Both anthologies of Yiddish, Hebrew an Polish poetry concerning the Holocaust were published by the Jewish Historical Institute and will be available for purchase at a promotional price during the meeting.

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