Maryla’s Diary

A few days ago there was a reference to a displacement of 130 thousand Jews from Holland to the East.

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A few days ago there was a reference to a displacement of 130 thousand Jews from Holland to the East. Reading these words, I was thinking whether the Jews in Holland knew already what displacement was and where this East, where they were supposed to start new lives was. And yesterday I find out that someone received a card from Holland with a question about climate and conditions in Treblinki because there they sell plots to the displaced Jews. I felt that something was suffocating me. So till now, after over 8 months since the moment [...] when millions of Jewish men, women and children terribly ended their lives in Treblinki, the rest of the world, Europe does not even know about this place of modern slaying and once again people unaware of the danger awaiting them, go without a word of protest, without a reflex of riot to the station in Treblinka?

Maryla (surname unknown), 9th April, 1943, Warsaw

„I was looking at the lips...Diary from the Warsaw Ghetto”, ed. P. Weiser, Kraków 2008

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