Adam Czerniaków’s Diary

In the morning — the Community. Jewish holiday of Passover. At Auerswald’s, once again a request to release the arrested from prison.

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In the morning — the Community. Jewish holiday of Passover. At Auerswald’s, once again a request to release the arrested from prison. He promised to „unverbindlich” [without obligation] deal with it today. Apart from that, he made a series of complaints about rubble on the streets. [...] He added that we had also failed to collect tax for the tax office. I replied that it was hard to collect tax from people from whom everything had been taken away. As usual, the conversation ended with nothing. I went to Leszno, where quarantine for the refugees from Berlin and Frankfurt, Hannover, Gelsenkirchen etc is taking place. I gave away sweets to the children. [...] After dinner a few SSmen came and demanded from the Jews from Berlin and Frankfurt to give them gold objects. There were not many.

Warsaw, 8th April, 1942

Adam Czerniaków, head of the Judenrat in the Warsaw Ghetto


„Adam Czerniaków’s Warsaw Ghetto Diary”, Warsaw, 1983

„Adama Czerniakowa dziennik getta warszawskiego”, Warszawa 1983 

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