Dear, beloved friend. I received the money. In the name of the entire family, I would like to thank you.

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Dear, beloved friend

I received the money. In the name of the entire family, I would like to thank you. You made us really happy. We could buy potatoes. Thanks to this, we stayed alive. We will never forget it. We spent Pesach holiday in great fear and terror. I do not how to describe our nights and days. Since the day before the holiday, we have not been sure of even a second. Death is wandering on the streets. [...] May God, blessed be his name, finally say to the Angel of death: enough! [...] Pray for marcy on us! Save [x] if you can, help us if only you can! You will be rewarded for it and blessed with all good.

5th April, 1942, Chełm, anonymous writing a letter to an addressee in the Warsaw Ghetto

„The Ringelblum Archive”, vol. 1, ed. R. Sakowska, Warsaw 1997; letter from the JHI’s collections; translated from Yiddish by R. Sakowska

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