Stefan Ernest’s Diary

The first „Bartholomew’s night” in the ghetto. From 11pm to dawn you could hear whirr of car engines and sounds of firing pistols.

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The first „Bartholomew’s night” in the ghetto. From 11pm to dawn you could hear whirr of car engines and sounds of firing pistols. Some kind of increasing pogrom. The next day they talked about thousands of victims, dragged from beds, put into cars and killed a few meters, often dozens of meters away from their own homes. At dawn, Pinkiert’s cars cleaned the streets off the bodies. [...]

There were „only” 52 (or 56) victims. That many were registered in the Council. This time, still obituaries and funerals, but without the right to procession.

Stefan Ernest, 3rd April, 1942, Warsaw

S. Ernest „About the war of Greater Germany and the Jews of Warsaw”, Warsaw 2003; diary from the JHI’s collections

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