Page from Emanuel Ringelblum’s Diary

Today, on 29th March, it was quiet, only a few, isolated attacks on the Jews.

Wide 28 marca 2

Today, on 29th March, it was quiet, only a few, isolated attacks on the Jews. In the Jewish hospital, they did 16 trepanations of the skull. In Frańciszkańska, a lot of Jews were arrested because during a fight some Christian had been killed. They took men, women and children, but they were released. Today, a word was spread that the fencing surrounding the ghetto area will be be exchanged with walls. As a result, once again they talk seriously about the Warsaw Ghetto as well as about a few hundred Jewish police officers, who are supposed to be employed by the Jewish Community. People sought protection to get this post.

Emanuel Ringelblum, 29th March, 1940, Warsaw

E. Ringelblum „Notes from the Warsaw Ghetto”, Warsaw 1988; diary from the JHI’s collections, the Ringelblum Archive; translated from Yiddish by A. Rutkowski

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