Iwona Luba – Barlewi before mechanofacture

Meetings with art at Tłomackie St. Talks about the artwork

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Henryk Berlewi (1894–1967), painter, graphic artist and art theorist, was a leading representative of the avant-garde geometric abstraction in Poland. Initially focused on themes related to Jewish tradition, presented in the expressionist style, he was a well-known figure in Jewish artistic, literary and theater circles:
He became involved with the Wilner Trupe and was a leading founder of the artistic group Chaliastre. In the 20s he turned to constructivism and suprematism. He moved to Berlin, where he invented and formulated the original concept of mechanofacture, which was announced in Poland in 1924. At the end of his life he argued the pioneering nature of mechanofacture in pop art.


Iwona Luba is the head of the Department of Art History and Modern Culture of the The Institute of Art History at Warsaw University, she also teaches at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts.

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