Chaim Kapłan’s Diary

Today, before evening, I went to Nalewki Street, where I was supposed to run some urgent errand.

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Today, before evening, I went to Nalewki Street, where I was supposed to run some urgent errand. This street made an indelible impression on me. Horror apprehended every corner, everywhere there was deathly silence. Pedestrians resembled more shadows than live people. Franciszkańska Street had been closed by a military patrol; there wasn’t a single living soul there. On Nalewski, it is allowed to walk only on the left pavement as on the right one only military patrols can walk.

The hooligans did not come there because the shops had already been looted by oberhooligans armed not with sticks or stones, but with real firearms...


Chaim Kapłan, 28th March, 1940, Warsaw

Ch. Kapłan, “The Chronicle of Life”, JHI’s Bulletin no. 1–2, 1963; part 2 no. 2, 1964; diary from JHI’s collections; Translated from Hebrew by A. Rutkowski and A. WeinA. Rutkowski i A. Wein

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