From Mordechai Wasser’s diary

The situation is not getting any better. Today again there was no bread.

Wide 24 marca 1

The situation is not getting any better. Today again there was no bread. It is always terrible. We are predicting again a bath, but it is not going to change the situation as there is no linen, bedding, clothing, soap or warm water. We have new members: 5 mentally handicapped children and 4 old men. Intellectual level of the children does not allow to obtain their personal data. We have placed them in a private room. They fulfil their physiological needs on the bunk. A terrible sight. By looking at it, we concluded that murder out of pity is justifiable. We decided to take care of them as little as possible so they would be able to end their miserable existences as soon as possible. We do not bring food to the disabled. We give their portions of provender to the healthy children instead of prolonging lives of the incurable in such a hard time.

Mordechai Wasser, member of staff at the shelter for refugees in the Warsaw ghetto.

Warsaw, 24th March, 1941

Diary from the JHI’s collections, the Ringelblum Archive

Dziennik ze zbiorów ŻIH, Archiwum Ringelbluma 

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