Helga Hošková-Weissová — Journal of Helga

A meeting with the famous Czech painter and graphic designer Helga Hošková-Weissovą. The meeting will be accompanied by the author’s extraordinary exhibition of drawings created in Terezin.

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A meeting with a famous Czech painter and graphic designer, Helga Hoskova-Weissová, on the occasion of the publishing of Polish edition of her notes from 1938–1946. The meeting will be accompanied by a remarkable exhibition of drawings by the artist created in Terezin.

Insignis Publishing, the Czech Center and the Emanuel Ringelblum Jewish Historical Institute are honored to invite you to an open meeting with Helga Hoskova-Weissová, Czech painter and graphic designer, the author of “Helga’s Diary”, on the occasion of the publishing of Polish edition of her noties from 1938–1946. The meeting will be accompanied by an exhibition of her famous drawings from the camp. The meeting will be led by the translator of “Helga’s Diary”, Aleksander Kaczorowski.

Among other items of children’s memoir literature of the Holocaust victims, “Helga’s Diary” is a special book. Her suggestive observations of the reality of the camp, illustrated with drawings form a moving whole. The notebooks with the her notes survived the war bricked up into the wall. From 15,000 children transported to the camp in Terezin and then deported to Auschwitz, survived a hundred. One of them was Helga. An extremely valuable complement to the meeting with the author of the Diary will be a presentation of the works of the artist: her poignant drawings from the time spent in Terezin.

Helga starts writing the diary in 1938. She is eight years old and lives with her parents in Prague. Helga’s family are victims of the first wave of the Nazi invasion. Her father loses his job, the door of the school are closed before the girl. Soon comes the first deportation, Helga’s friends and relatives begin to disappear. She, along with her parents, goes to the camp in Terezin, where after the three-year stay, her father is transported to Auschwitz. Soon Helga and her mother follow his footsteps. The girl’s diary will survive being bricked up by her uncle into the wall. Helga miraculously survives both: the camps and the exile during the last days of the war. Finally, she returns to Prague. She complements her diary there. She belongs to a small group of Prague children who survived Auschwitz. “Helga’s Diary” is the first edition of a unique testimony of a child about the Holocaust, a diary written with pencil in a school notebook and hand-illustrated.

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