Unwrapping the exhibits

In order to enrich our exhibition we do not limit ourselves merely to our collection, but we also rent and order exhibits related to the subject of the Holocaust from the outside.

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In order to enrich our exhibition we do not limit ourselves merely to our collection, but we also rent and order exhibits related to the subject of the Holocaust from the outside.

One of the most valuable paintings from the Szajna Gallery located in Wanda Siemaszkowa Theatre in Rzeszów, Bezimienni I by Józef Szajna (1986), has just arrived especially for the exhibition ‘Polish Art and the Holocaust’.

The piece of art is one of the exhibits that not only will enrich the exhibition but will perfectly fit its concept as well. The painting presenting a crowd of anonymous figures reflects the author’s experience from the time spent in a concentration camp. The work was made using oil and acrylic paint on canvas.Rzeszów’s Szajna Gallery is proud to be the host of the biggest collection of works by this artist.

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