From Estera Daum’s diary

Last week, came to our yard two men. Very shabby and emaciated, even for the ghetto.

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Last week, came to our yard two men. Very shabby and emaciated, even for the ghetto. They sang so beautifully, around the house the news spread quickly that one of them was Yankel Herszkowicz, also known as Yankel Singer, reportedly a very popular singer in Lodz before the war. People were leaning out of the windows, and we with Izio and his mother went out into the yard. At one point Izio hid behind my back, and then began to behave strangely, and finally, with his back to us, he disappeared into the basement, where they have a kitchen storage. When the singers were gone (people were generous with coins, and Mrs Frenklowa gave each of them a bowl of soup) Izio came back and said that the other singer was his singing teacher from middle school [...]. He hid because he did not want to embarrass his former teacher.

Estera Daum, 20th March, 1941, Lodz

E. Cherezińska, „Byłam sekretarką Rumkowskiego: dziennik Etki Daum” [I was Rumkowski’s secretary: Etka Daum’s diary], Poznań, 2008

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