From Mordechai Wasser’s diary

Today, our shelter was visited by a delegation of the Patronage. A few rather good-looking men and one woman.

Wide dzienniki 2

Today, our shelter was visited by a delegation of the Patronage. A few rather good-looking men and one woman. The guests did not go inside the rooms for fear of getting infected. Our proteges began asking these men to take pity on them and not demand 10gr. for bread. During this dialogue the woman from the Patronage said that she did not understand how people could not have 10 gr. At the same time, in room five a man was dying, humbly, without any help or crying of his relatives. The next day the doctor inscribed on the cause of death card: death from hunger.

Mordechai Wasser, a supervisor at the shelter for refugees in the Warsaw Ghetto

19th March, 1941

Diary from the JHI’s collections, The Ringelblum Archive

Dziennik ze zbiorów ŻIH, Archiwum Ringelbluma 

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